5 Best cars from 90's

1. Lamborghini Diablo:

Year: 1990Engine: 5.7L or 6.0L V12Power: 492-595 HorsepowerCool Fact: Like most Lambos, it was named after a famed fighting bull from Spain.

This car is not unknown to anyone because of the huge use in the posters, calendar toy car model. May be you had one of these toy 🚘.

2. McLaren F1

Year: 1992
Engine: 6.2L V12
Power: 618 hp
Cool Fact: To aid in heat dispersal, the engine bay is lined in 24k gold.
The McLaren F1 was engineered with a degree of precision and attention to detail that had never been seen before. McLaren built these things as precisely as any Formula 1 car, and with as much technical innovation.

3.  Ferrari F50

Year: 1995
Engine: Tipo 040 4.7L V12
Power: 513 hp
Cool Fact: The F50 was Ferrari's 50th anniversary present to itself.
The F50 barely gets talked about these days. It's overshadowed both by the raw and pure experience of its predecessor, the F40, and the sheer excess and world-beating technology of its successor, the Enzo, but that doesn't mean that the F50 should fade into the background. In fact, it's basically every car enthusiast's dream car: It as a V12 lifted out of a race car, a stick and three pedals, Italian bodywork, and was not deadened with today's electronics.

4.  Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Year: 1992
Engine: Turbocharges 2.0L Cosworth I4
Power: 225 hp
Cool Fact: This was the first road car to produce downforce both in front and in back.
We really wish one could still go out and buy a homologated rally car. Yes, we do have the rally-ready Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, but they are tuned road cars, not road-going versions of proper race cars. The Escort RS Cosworth was a race car with a road car's interior, and it was bad ass

5. Buick Roadmaster

Year: 1991
Engine: 5.7L V8
Power: 260 hp
Cool Fact: The Roadmaster could tow up to 5,000 lbs.
If you were an American kid in the '90s, you probably spent some time in one of these and didn't think much of it. What we know now is that there was once a time when any given American mom had a rear-wheel-drive car with a big American V8 powering it. That's so much cooler than the Corolla she's driving now.