5 Interesting Facts About EID UL FITR

Eid ul fitr is the biggest religious festival of Muslims. They celebrate this day from the heart. This day is really enjoyable for every Muslim. Today we'll share 5 Interesting facts about this holy festival.

1. Eat sweet food before special prayer:

Muslims take some sweet foods before Eid Prayer as a tradition as Prophet Muhammad (S) used to do so.

2. Public Holiday:

In Muslim countries Eid is an official public holiday that lasts for three days.

3. The Eid Prayer:

The Eid prayer is different from the regular prayer known as Adhaan. Usually Eid Prayer held in an open field. The special prayer can be done anytime between the Ishraq (dawn) and Zawal (midday) prayers.

4. Eidi (Gift to younger)

This tradition is most popular in Indian subcontinent are and also running almost all over the world. Children and younger get gift specially cash from their parents and other relatives.

5. Zakat ul fitr

Muslims usually give a special gift of money to charity also known as Zakat-ul-Fitr which is collected and given to Muslims who are poor or in need.