5 Interesting Facts About Google Doodle Cricket Game

Google makes doodles almost every important occasions. Recently you may notice that they are creating some doodle games which are very interesting to play and easy co control. Cricket game is one of them. It is most recent doodle and you can find it on google now. If not seen to your home screen just search it on google.
Some very interesting facts about this cricket doodles are:

1. This game have very interesting characters. Batsmen are cricket and filders are snails.

2. The graphics of this game is very light. Even snail networks can load it in a moment.

3. Google made this to celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

4. Batsman will turn into a duck if you out at the very first ball.

5. There is housefull gallery to chear you up. And you can hit boundaries both four and six.

(Photos: All pictures are taken by the author.)